Sion wins 2-1 in St. Gallen

Paolo Tramezzani’s men scored in the first half thanks to successes from Chouaref (18th) and Stojilkovic (28th). This one gave the assist of the first goal and took advantage of a nice opening of Lavanchy on the second. Saint-Gall belatedly regained hope thanks to Grégory Karlen (87th).

The Brodeurs rushed to attack in the first quarter of an hour, but could not surprise the defensive block Sédunois, very much in his business. Once the storm passed, Sion was able to loosen the grip and knew how to exploit the spaces left in the opposing rear guard to perfection.

Ylias Chouaref, tenured for the second time, showed the extent of his talent. His dribbling and punching power posed big problems for St. Gallen, as did Filip Stojilkovic’s stalking activity. But it was the entire Valais team that convinced, showing lucidity and great solidarity, even if the end of the meeting was a little more difficult.

Entering in the 63rd, Mario Balotelli forced Zigi to a stoppage in the 76th. But the Italian quickly seemed to have heavy legs. He is by far not in top condition yet.

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