Singer Porsche 911 Turbo Study: Back to the 70s

Singer has built a lot of very nice restomods based on the Porsche 911, but with this Turbo Study, the American manufacturer has outdone itself yet again. And that’s a statement that can count, because the Singer All-Terrain Competition Study (ACS) and the Dynamic Lightweight Study (DLS) are already particularly successful.

The Singer Turbo Study is a contemporary version of the original 1975 Porsche 930 Turbo, one of the most iconic models in the extensive 911 family. Note: This is not an existing model that Americans poured over a modern sauce, but of a residual model that combines in a curious way all kinds of components from various 911 models. Apart from the basic structure of the doors, each component has been modified.

2022 Singer Turbo Study

Turbo time

Singer, for example, built the Turbo Study on the chassis of a slightly younger 964-generation Porsche 911. Classic body panels are made from carbon fiber and paired with more modern design touches. The huge rear wing that used to identify a Porsche 911 Turbo at the time has been redesigned by Singer. Note also the clever cooling slots built into the rear fenders, which should help keep the first turbo engine in a Singer creation at the right operating temperature.

At the rear of the Turbo Study is the flat 6 3.8-liter engine designed by Mezger at the time, a boxer engine supercharged by the two Borg Warner turbos used by Porsche for the 992 generation of the Porsche 911. The six-cylinder develops a maximum power of approximately 450 hp and torque maximum around 500Nm. Although Singer boss Rob Dickinson says customers can also order higher horsepower. If they want, they can even install an old-fashioned turbocharger in the engine management.

The Singer Turbo Study is only offered with a six-speed manual gearbox, but you have the choice between rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive. The 4×4 system is that of the 993 generation of the Porsche 911.

2022 Singer Turbo Study

Gran Turismo

The Singer Turbo Study is designed as a fast but comfortable GT, intended for use on public roads. So you can count on the support of power steering and electronic driving aids like traction and stability controls.

The interior of the Singer Turbo Study is equipped with a host of comfort elements, from heated and electrically adjustable seats to the induction charger for modern smartphones. The leather-trimmed interior gets wood and cork inlays, and for the fold-down rear seats, Singer supplies a bespoke bag set. Note also the charming dashboard with five round counters, including the obligatory turbo boost gauge on the tachometer.

Those who prefer their Singer Turbo Study a little lighter can opt for a stripped-down cockpit with carbon bucket seats. This will make it possible to reduce the 1270 kg supercar in the « normal » version by an additional 100 kg.

2022 Singer Turbo Study

How much and at what price?

Singer spent two years developing the Turbo Study, aiming to build the most beautiful Porsche 930 Turbo ever. The Americans claim to have already sold 70 copies, of which the wolf blue model in the photos is the very first copy. Unlike the DLS, Singer does not build the limited-edition Turbo Study.

Production will begin in 2022. People wanting to buy a Singer Turbo Study will need to set aside around $750,000 (around €655,500 at the current exchange rate).

2022 Singer Turbo Study

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