Singapore Grand Prix 2022: Drivers expect « the toughest race of the year »

The F1 drivers have an appointment at the beginning of October in Singapore in order to compete during the seventeenth round of the season. And while they’re happy to finally be back there after two years of the pandemic, they also fear the Singapore Grand Prix will be the toughest race of the season.

On October 2 and after two years of absence following the global Covid pandemic, Singapore will finally return to the F1 championship calendar. An event that pilots are eagerly awaiting but also dreading, Marina Bay being one of the toughest circuits of the season. In effect, the humidity in Singapore is around 80% and, although the race takes place at night, temperatures often exceed 30°C. Furthermore, its bumpy urban layout puts the drivers and their single-seaters to the test. And given that this year, the single-seaters are equipped with a particularly rigid suspension and thus less absorbent, some fear to live a race a little painful… « It will be necessary to sleep well on the spot, not to be disturbed by the jet lag and to get back into physical shape after each day of driving. We know that these are very extreme conditions. The bumps are likely to hurt us with those stiff F1s. But it’s a track that I like, honestly. I love this place, I’ve missed it for the last few years and I can’t wait to get there, » said Pierre Gasly.

A real challenge!

Others even think that Singapore will simply be the toughest round of the seasonin particular Carlos Sainz, who expects to experience porpoising and bouncing issues, like at the start of the season. « It’s going to be a tough race, both mentally and physically with the bumps, the heat and the rebounds. I think it will be the toughest race of the year. It will be worse than the Azerbaijan Grand Prix for the bumps, in terms of porpoising and bouncing, that could show up again.It’s also going to be a huge challenge to get a good lap in qualifying with a good set up for the race with the amount of bouncing that there is in these F1 on these kind of tracks », he explained. A fear shared by Esteban Ocon who, although Marina Bay is not his favorite circuit, nevertheless considers thatit will be interesting to observe what each team will choose as settings. « It’s going to be very bumpy with these F1s, a big challenge for us I think, very tough physically. I love Singapore, but the track itself is not my favorite I must say. These F1s are stiff as karts and on the curbs it’s going to be tricky It’s not going to be fun all the time but we’re up for the challenge It’s going to be interesting also to see who chooses what in terms of settings If you go for a car which is healthy and easy or if you go for a sharper car but gives a bit more performance, it’s always a compromise on a street circuit, » he said.

Published on 09/21/2022 Updated 09/21/2022

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