Since the return of Klay Thompson, the Warrior in distress

Expected for more than two years, the return of Klay Thompson does not necessarily go as planned at the Warriors. In addition to the results at half mast of the franchise, a key player at the start of the season can no longer get his head above water!

In the purest tradition of great American sports stories, the evening of his comeback turned out to be idyllic. Back after 941 days of trouble, Klay Thompson signed a remarkable performance against the Cavaliers a few days ago. Authors of big viral highlights, the star back also left the floor of the Chase Center with the victory in his pocket. However, since then, the fairy tale has gradually turned into a nightmare.

Indeed, of the next five games in which the Warriors ghost participated, his franchise lost… four. The figures of Killa Klay, them, do not necessarily want to be irreproachable, mainly in terms of address (36.8% in shooting, 28.6% at 3 points on these meetings). A finding that is ultimately rather logical for a player who has remained unavailable for so long. However, he is not the only element of his team in difficulty at the moment.

Jordan Poole unrecognizable because of Klay?

Promulgated holder at the start of the season, Jordan Poole logically found the bench of Golden State following the recovery of Klay Thompson. A role in which he does not seem to find his marks, evidenced by his averages in sharp decline (12.4 points, 36% in shooting). This Thursday, against Indiana, the young scorer even chained his second game to only 5 points scored. A vision that pushed Steve Kerr to an implacable observation on his nugget.

We try to allow him to find his rhythm. We will review the match and try to understand what we can do to help him, because he is in difficulty at the moment.

An understatement, especially given the two 3-point shots attempted by Poole during the extension of this match lost by the Dubs. One turned into an airball, while the other ended up on the edge of the panel.

Team Leader, Stephen Curry was also called upon to react to the sad face displayed by JP3 recently. His conclusions were the same as his coach, even if the Chef offered him some advice.

It’s hard. These are the vagaries of the NBA. The fact that his role changes with the return of Klay, he did not experience that as a surprise. But he needs to maintain his aggression and self-confidence to be able to get out of the big plays and into the game faster.

Having never had to experience such relegation on the bench, Steph nevertheless tried to put himself in the place of his young teammate, to give him the appropriate instructions.

I just want him to be confident and aggressive. Do what he knows how to do on the floor, and let him know that it will improve as he continues to play matches in this configuration.

The return of Klay Thompson has for the moment not only benefits for the Warriors, and even less for Jordan Poole. Steve Kerr therefore risks having to rack his brains to be able to bring his two rears together in the months to come!

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