Since his altercation with the « fat guy » Nikola Jokic, Markieff Morris is still on the sidelines | NBA

We initially thought that he would miss ten matches. The blow struck by Nikola Jokic, two months ago to the day, actually did more damage to Markieff Morris, hit in the neck during the shock. Next night, with his team visiting the Suns, the winger will already miss his 30th game in a row since being knocked down by the Serbian.

The Miami Herald notes that the Heat has delivered little information about his medical condition since. But it seems that progress has been made since the veteran joined the team in its « road trip » to the West, after a medical appointment on the same American coast. This is the first time since his injury that he has found himself on the road with the Heat.

«  He was able to train today and he will be able to return with us by plane », Even specifies his coach, Erik Spoelstra. His player also promised on Twitter that he would return soon.

He took the opportunity to recall that it was a real injury and that he was not adding more.  » Imagine a 136 kilogram fat bacon that loads you at full speed on your spine “, He described with a lot of class, referring to his vis-à-vis (weighed 129 kilos on the league site).

Markieff MorrisPercentageRebounds
2015-16 *All Teams642642.530.373.
2015-16 *PHX372539.728.971.
2015-16 *WAS272646.731.676.
2018-19 *All Teams582242.133.577.
2018-19 *WAS342643.633.378.
2018-19 *OKAY241639.133.973.
2019-20 *All Teams582144.338.677.
2019-20 *DET442345.039.777.
2019-20 *LAL141440.633.383.

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