Since he turned 38, LeBron James has dominated the NBA in points/rebounds/assists

LeBron James continues to be a hit, night after night, despite the age and the difficulties of the Lakers to chain two quarters correct weeks away. The latest craze? Last night on MLK Day, and we’re starting to run out of words.

The best soup is made in old pots.

LeBron James is like good wine.

Last night LeBron James saw a Turkish UFO pass by, the kind that explode on a field when you don’t defend properly. Race results? 33 points, 15 rebounds, 6 assists and 4 blocks for Alperen Sengun, it’s him we’re talking about, and 14/17 shooting including 2/2 from the parking lot, please.

But if LeBron probably appreciated seeing the skills of this very great future, he took care at the same time of ensuring that Sengun did not leave with victory, as in his last ten games for that matter. And if Sengun has everything of a little prince, LeBron James, he is the king, the real one, no one can dispute it and even less since he celebrated his 38th birthday on December 30 last.

LeBron stats January 17, 2022

Dirty, excessively dirty, and above all… nobody does better when you accumulate points, rebounds and assists.

If LeBron James is obviously in a race against time to become the greatest scorer in NBA history, other statistics prove every morning what kind of incredible robot he is. We don’t know how long it’s going to last, but this seriously ill man doesn’t seem to be getting tired.

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