simracing at the Red Bull Ring

In 2021, Porsche Netherlands launched its 1st Sim Racing Roadshow. The concept ? Suggest a driving competition on a simulator through the 9 official Porsche Centers in the country, and offer the winner the opportunity to transfer their skills from virtual to real.
This is Julien Soenen who won the competition at the end of the final, where he distinguished himself against 17 other competitors. The experience recently materialized for him, moving from the steering wheel of sim racing to that of the Porsche 911 GT2 RS ClubSporton the Spielberg’s Red Bull Ring.

Throwback to a unique experience!

For Julien Soenen, eSport was the best way to enter the world of motor sports, from an early age. In addition to his confirmed experience on a simulator, Julien has already had the opportunity to drive in the VW Fun Cup on the Spa-Francorchamps circuit. But it is out of all proportion to what awaited him on the Red Bull Ring, as part of the “Projekt Spielberg” experience offered on this circuit. In the program ? A coaching session on the track, followed by an unforgettable Porsche experience.

Former F1 driver Patrick Friesacher

It’s’former Austrian F1 driver, Patrick Friesacher, who took charge of the initiation. Julien first took the wheel of a Porsche 718 Cayman S, for two 15-minute sessions, following his coach who gave him his advice, via the walkie-talkie. Verdict: Julien’s skills have been validated to access the ultimate experience on the Red Bull Ring, at the wheel of the Porsche 911 GT2 RS ClubSport.

« Julien shows the abilities of a good driver », confided Patrick Friesacher. “He has confidence in himself, he already knew the circuit perfectly, and he went crescendo, improving, lap after lap. I really felt that we could let him sit behind the wheel of the 911.”

Voormalig Oostenrijks F1-rider Patrick Friesacher.

Patrick Friesacher

© Jerome Degiovanni

Porsche CS, as radical as it is rare

At Porsche, CS traditionally stands for ClubSport and by extension designates the brand’s lightweight top models. They are as radical as they are rare. Only 200 examples of the 911 GT2 RS CS were produced worldwide, and the #29 can be found at the Red Bull Ring. It’s about most powerful consumer vehicle Porsche has ever built. It develops 700 hp. and displays a 0 to 100 km/h in 2.8 seconds.

A dream come true

After some final preparations and recommendations from Patrick Friesacher, Julien set off on the circuit. The 18 year old young man chained several laps, gradually improving his times, looking for the right trajectories, the right braking moments, with a very fluid piloting. It was both beautiful and impressive to see.

Once back in the paddock, when he got out of the vehicle, Julien’s expression could not have been able to lie about what he had just experienced. One of the most incredible memories of his life, a unique experience, a dream come true. “It was crazy”, first announced Julien. “Really fantastic. I felt so good, it was incredible to be behind the wheel of such a racing car. I already knew the Red Bull Ring perfectly. I must have more than 1,000 laps to my credit on this track in sim racing. Doing that with this Porsche 911 GT2 RS is an experience I will never forget! »

To be the automotive brand that allows you to dream, and to make your dreams come true. Promise kept at Porsche. With all the more satisfaction that this experience lived thanks to Red Bull came to perfectly conclude the 1st edition of a project which will certainly give rise to other editions in Belgium. Case to follow. “Dreamers. We « .

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