Simone Fontecchio, unhappy hero, “He will be a monster in the NBA, you will see”

While he was on track to be the executioner of the blues, author of big shots at the end of the game and an excellent match, the winger Simone Fontecchiofuture Jazz player, completely broke down in the last seconds of regulation time by missing the two most important free throws of his career, he who was at 89% since the start of Eurobasket.

His trainer Gianmarco Pozzecco came to his defense.

“Once Banja Prelevic said something to me. I was pissed off after a game where I missed a lot of shots. He asked me: ‘how many shots have you missed in your life so far?’ I replied that I didn’t know, maybe 5000. ‘Yes, so what?’ Banja said it was our life,” Pozzecco recounted. “That doesn’t count. The way you play and how you train makes the difference. The love of the game that he has… He will be in the NBA in a month. And he will be a monster, you will see. It’s happened to everyone. I suffer because he didn’t deserve it. He is a strong and solid man. He won’t sleep tonight. But in a few days you will understand what he did. He was by far the EuroBasket MVP. »

“Without Simone, we would not be here”, launched Luigi Datomeinterrupting his coach.

« You see, these are my players, » added Pozzecco proudly. “That’s the whole difference. He loves Simone, and he wants to protect him. I’m proud of him. »

Fontecchio finished with 21 points and 5 rebounds, but also then missed the layup for the win at the buzzer before a quiet overtime. This will not erase his magnificent Euro, who shot 19.4 points at 54.9% including 45.1% from afar, 4 rebounds, 2.7 assists and 1.7 interceptions in the competition, confirming his talent.

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