Simmons ready to join an amazing franchise!


If the Sixers are still struggling to find a base for Ben Simmons, the latter seems to have a somewhat precise idea of ​​his future. Rumors have it that the player would already know where he would like to play next year! And his choice is to say the least… surprising.

Where will Ben Simmons play in 2021-22? It’s been the big question for several months now, and she still hasn’t gotten answers days before the regular season opens. Several franchises were interested for a while, but eventually gave up. The winger, however, does not lose hope of being able to set sail. In fact, according to David Aldridge, he even has a specific destination in mind!

Ben Simmons would have no problem going to Sacramento, David Aldridge is assured. « He’s the kind of talent the Kings wouldn’t have a chance to get in free agency. »

Ben Simmons leaving for the Kings?

Obviously, the Australian therefore has no problem evolving in the lowlands of the Western Conference. Aldridge raises an important point, however: given their collective results over the past few years, the Kings are indeed anything but a prime destination for free agents. They are therefore forced to attempt movements via trades, if they want to strengthen their workforce. And for once, a star wants to go to their place!

In any case, the announcement did not fall on deaf ears, if we are to believe the latest rumors around Sac-Town. Indeed, a local journalist revealed in the wake that two members of the roster would have been sidelined for minor injuries. Not enough to justify their absence, however… And when we listen to the concrete explanations of the coach Luke Walton, the fans can logically think that a trade around them is brewing!

Kings coach Luke Walton said Buddy Hield and Marvin Bagley were uninjured but were absent from practice today with sore knees.

Hield was already cited in rumors of a transfer to the Lakers this summer, before Russell Westbrook landed there. Not happy with his role, so he might well want to go to the Sixers instead. As for Bagley, if he is a little disappointing since his draft in 2018, he could still have an interesting contribution in Pennsylvania, especially in attack. It remains to be seen whether GM Daryl Morey would be convinced by such an offer.

It is all the same a little difficult to understand the reasoning of Ben Simmons. Leaving Philadelphia seems logical, but to go to the Kings? He will have to seriously lower his collective ambitions!


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