Sierra Leonean Football Federation (SLFA)


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In Cameroon, CAN will rediscover Sierra-Leone, but not CAF. The African football administration is not surprised to see the Sierra Leonean Football Federation come back among the best. Although often absent in the field, her dynamism was already running through the offices of the instance.

Sierra Leonean Football Federation, creation and affiliation

Sierra Leone Football Association Its name (in English), the Sierra Leonean Football Federation was founded in 1967. Based in Freetown, the capital of Sierra Leone, it joined CAF and FIFA in the same year.

Sierra Leonean Football Federation and Isha Johansen

The current president of the Sierra Leonean Football Federation is called Thomas Daddy Brima. In place since June 5, 2021, he succeeds a great woman, a great name in African football, who reigned over the SLFA between 2013 and 2021: Isha Johansen.

Born Isha Tejan-Cole, Isha Johansen is a 55-year-old businesswoman with a passion for football. The first lady to lead the Sierra Leonean Football Federation, she experienced some upheavals during her tenure after being imprisoned, along with her secretary general Christopher Kamara, by the Anti-Corruption Commission. She was accused of forgetting to bring reports on SLFA’s financial statements and the use of funds. They will be released later after paying a deposit.

However, despite this release, Isha Johansen and Christopher Kamara will not immediately return to their posts. FIFA will take up the matter and suspend the Sierra Leonean Football Federation in October 2018, until it rehabilitates the “couple” on May 27, 2019. Resigned two years later, the president of FC Johansen is in office since March 2021 on the FIFA Council.

The Sierra Leonean Football Federation and its competitions

The Sierra Leonean Football Federation organizes its local football through the Sierra Leone National Premier League and the Sierra Leone Cup. A group dominated by the clubs of Mighty Blackpool FC (11 championships and 3 Cups) and East Ends Lions (12 championships and 3 cups).

Sierra Leonean Football Federation and CAN

After 1994 and 1996, the Sierra Leone national team will play its third CAN in 2022. In Tunisia and South Africa, the Leone Stars then stopped in the first round with the total result: a 2-1 victory over the Burkina Faso (1996), a 0-0 draw conceded by Zambia (1994) and three defeats. 4-0 against Côte d’Ivoire (1994), 2-0 against Algeria (1996) and 4-0 against Zambia (1996).

Sierra Leone’s first CAN scorer is called Gbassay Sessay. The Batkanu native opened the scoring in the 11the minute against Burkina Faso before Mohamed Kallon came to score the 2-1 goal and give the victory to his team in the 89e. Legend of Sierra Leonean football, the former player of Inter Milan and AS Monaco is notably the top scorer in the history of his selection with 14 goals in 35 caps.

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