Sidy Cissoko explains his choice to join the Ignite Team

After the Australian Dyson Daniels, the Ignite Team continues to open up to the rest of the world. Next season, Sidy Cissoko will thus be the first European player to join this G-League team created in 2020, with the aim of developing and preparing the best prospects for the NBA. Initially, it was to recruit high school students to prepare them for the Draft without going through the NCAA box.

Landed from LEB Oro (Spanish second division), the Frenchman explained the reasons for his choice to Jonathan Givony of ESPN, highlighting the process of progression that he will begin at the start of the school year in Nevada and who was the best at his eyes, whether from a basketball point of view but also off the pitch.

 » We explored several options with my agents and I was convinced that the Ignite Team was the best opportunity to achieve my goals. « , did he declare. “The ability of this program to maximize the potential of its players on and off the pitch won me over. More so, the tailored development program and the opportunity to begin my transition to the American style of play, the 3-point line and life off the court are essential assets. I also felt during our conversations with the staff that I was a priority”.

Goal Top 10

At 18, after a convincing Euro U19 and having been invited to the Nike Hoop Summit last April, Sidy Cissoko still caps around 25th place in terms of projections for the 2023 Draft. His goal is to make a big leap forward this season, and to draw inspiration from the journey of the Australian Dyson Daniels, selected in 8th place by the Pelicans last month after a successful exercise in the G-League.

“Dyson shows the ability of the G-League to get international players drafted at a high level. It was interesting to see how he was used on the pitch, because we play in the same position, even if our profiles are different. He had a great season and improved a lot during his year with the Ignite Team. Progressing and working hard is what I’m looking for”.

Even if he stood out by achieving great things at Azpeitia in LEB Oro (eight games at 16 points and more), and he had the opportunity to find the Baskonia first team, where he was formed, the Ignite Team therefore seemed the best choice for him, according to all the evaluation criteria.

“The G-League is much more athletic and physical than the LEB Oro. G-League players are extremely aggressive, and the game is faster. Obviously, staying in Baskonia was an option because the Euroleague is the best league in the world after the NBA and the ACB, the best national championship. I am convinced that I could have continued to learn in these leagues as well. However, I felt that right now the most important thing for my development was to find a project that focused on my individual development and my transition to a different style of play, while keeping the best of what I had. had learned in Europe »he added.

Currently in preparation for the Euro U18 which will take place in Izmir (Turkey) from July 30, it is an understatement to say that Sidy Cissoko is eager to start his new life.

“I can’t wait to meet all the staff and my future teammates. I will have different types of tests at the beginning to build my individual project, then the work will start. I spoke with the staff and we are on the same wavelength, the next few months will be devoted to work and progress. My goal is to be drafted in the Top 10 in 2023, and thanks to my work ethic, I will be able to convince a franchise to choose me”.

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