‘Shut your mouths’, Verstappen’s rant over budget cap controversy

Asked if Red Bull would have exceeded the budget cap in 2021, the Dutchman got annoyed by demanding that everyone “shut their mouths”.

For several days, some media have indicated that Red Bull is one of the teams that would have exceeded the budget ceiling in 2021. Rumors that annoy Max Verstappen.

There was no need to ask Max Verstappen this Sunday after his poor performance at the Singapore GP (7th). And especially not a question about the latest controversy concerning his team.

« Other teams talk about it when they have no information, so I find it a bit silly. Shut your mouths», launched the Dutchman about a possible overrun of the budget cap undertaken by Red Bull.

Horner denied any wrongdoing

Christian Horner, manager of the Austrian team, has already calmed things down at the microphone of Sky Sports : “I certainly don’t know. The accounts were all sent last March. It was a long process with the FIA, (…) still in progress, he assured. I think in the middle of next week they (the FIA) will publish the certificates. I think our statement was definitely below the cap.»

At the start, the ceiling was initially set for 2022 at $140 million, but it was raised by 3.1% due to inflation. However, driver salaries and team marketing activities are excluded, as are other types of expenses. The FIA ​​has established two types of infringement – minor below 5% of the ceiling, or major above 5% – and sanctions ranging from a simple reprimand or financial fine to exclusion from the championship, including deductions of points from the drivers’ and/or constructors’ championship.

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