Should the 76ers be worried about Joel Embiid?

Still dominant in Game 3 against the Hawks, Joel Embiid is not 100% however. Something that the medical staff will have to follow closely, at the risk of regretting it for the rest of the playoffs.

Long determined to win an MVP title, Joel embiid has changed its priorities, proof of its maturity over the seasons. The pivot no longer wishes to focus on an individual title, but on the ring. He wants to give his maximum to allow the 76ers to taste the title, even if the road is very long.

For now, we can say that Philadelphia is doing the job. A rather easy first round against the Wizards which was close to ending in a sweep, and a second which went well against the Hawks. Despite the loss of Game 1, Doc Rivers’ men reacted perfectly in the process.

This Friday night, they won again, with an Embiid at 27 points, still just as easy in the opponent’s racket. Now Philly is leading in this series by leading 2-1, but the hardest part is yet to come, since it will be necessary to conclude. Still, the medical staff will have to be wary, because the star is playing with a partially torn meniscus.

Nothing dramatic at the moment, but the Cameroonian is not 100%, and it shows. In Game 3, he stayed on the ground for a few moments, to the point of limping in stride. Fortunately, he was able to hold his place and should not win a stay in the infirmary. When it came time to talk about his physical problems, the pivot was cash.

“Even though I’m injured, I still have to do my job. That’s what they pay me for. I want to win a championship. « 

More determined than ever to win a championship, Joel Embiid does not intend to take a rest at the most important moment of the season. Be careful, however, to avoid disaster.

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