Should England’s sports teams sing the ‘God save the Queen’ anthem?

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Like the Welsh and Scottish, who sing their national anthem during sporting events to the detriment of « God save the Queen », an English parliamentarian proposed that the English also have their own song.

In the United Kingdom, « God save the Queen » no longer resonates much in the stands. The British parliamentarian, Toby Perkins, officially requested, on Wednesday January 13, that the sports selections representing England can have their own anthem, in the same way as the Welsh or the Scottish.

« I attended England-Wales during the Rugby World Cup and it struck me: the Welsh sing the Welsh national anthem while the English sing the British national anthem, said this MP for Labour. We’re going to play the Welsh again at the Euros. I think it’s time to have a conversation about it to see what people think. »

« God save the Queen » is indeed the anthem used by all three British nations (England, Wales and Scotland) as well as by Northern Ireland.

According to Perkins, his request has generated « great interest » and he now wants the government to launch a public consultation on the subject.

« God save the Queen » vs. « Jerusalem »

In particular, he proposes that the English teams sing « Jerusalem », derived from a poem by William Blake in 1808, and which is currently used on the sidelines of certain rugby matches and matches of the English national team in cricket.

« Land of Hope and Glory » or « There’ll Always Be an England » are also among the possibilities.

The proposal was accepted and will be proposed for 2nd reading in March. However, if it is not supported by the Conservative government, it should not be able to result in a law in good and due form.

British Prime Minister David Cameron reacted by saying he was « glad that there is a debate » on the subject, according to his spokesperson. « What matters most with an anthem is that it is sung with pride, » he said.

The Welsh sing them « Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau », literally « Land of My Fathers » (the land of my fathers), while the Scots sing « Flowers of Scotland » (Flowers of Scotland).

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