Shooting outside national park recalls scourge of gun violence

WASHINGTON – It took just seconds on Saturday night for America’s Pastime to mingle with one of America’s chronic ailments.

And those chaotic moments just before 9:30 p.m. in the nation’s capital, when baseball and gun violence got intertwined, did more than suspend the Washington Nationals-San Diego Padres game after a volley of gunfire in the air. he outside Nationals Park injured three people, including a woman who attended the game.

It certainly revealed the best of the fans who witnessed the game, the security staff who kept them calm as the shots rang out but the chaos was downplayed, and the Padres and Nationals players and coaches, who hosted strangers in the sanctuary of their dugout canoes and flags in the name of security.

Yet he also exposed, in a site meant to be a sanctuary for athletes and fans, the numbing effect decades of mass shootings and gun violence have had on athletes and fans.

People are seen leaving Nationals Park Stadium as the game between the Nationals and the San Diego Padres was put on hold due to a shootout outside the stadium in Washington, DC on July 17, 2021.

“As you all know, it’s not just us,” Nationals manager Dave Martinez said Sunday morning, hours after helping fans to safety and even in his office. « It’s happening everywhere. »

According to police and eyewitness reports, Saturday’s shooting was not a premeditated act and likely unrelated to the football game. DC Metro police said on Sunday that shots were fired from at least one vehicle at another – it is possible that an exchange of gunfire took place – and they are looking for a car involved in the shooting. after picking up another one.

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