Shohei Ohtani: Let’s watch the Cubs


The Chicago Cubs are not recognized as the team that likes to spend the most. In fact, the formation of Illinois is still stingy at times.

But that does not prevent him from having his nose in some big files. Carlos Correa, in the last two winters, has nevertheless been linked to the National club.

And there are others.

This brings us to Shohei Ohtani. Even if we know that his preference is turned towards teams from California, we can think that the Cubs will consider signing the exceptional athlete.

Recall, after all, that aside from the teams located fully on the West Coast, only the Rangers and Cubs were on Ohtani’s list.

New York seems to be too far east for the Japanese and Chicago was relatively far from California, actually.

But could Chicago try its luck again?

It’s not necessarily likely to see him land in Chicago, but according to what Ken Rosenthal said, the idea will catch on. After all, all the big markets are going to do their homework…

What bothers me about all this is that the Cubs are not sure they want to do everything financially to win.

For example? Marcus Stroman says loud and clear that he wants to stay in town… but we don’t seem sure yet if we want to keep him. Why not start negotiating with him?

In the end, I really think the Dodgers are the favorites. I expect to see the player sign for $600M, which is $250M as a hitter, $250M as a pitcher, and $100M for the advertising entity.

It will be a niche market, anyway.


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