Shocked, LeBron responds to nugget Gabe Cupps, only 16!

High school prospect Gabe Cupps recently messaged Los Angeles Lakers NBA superstar LeBron James, who promptly responded!

@ gcupps23 / Adam Pantozzi

Former Bronny’s teammate with the North Coast Blue Chips, Gabe Cupps continues his journey away from elder James. However, he crossed paths with LeBron recently, and was quick to write him on Instagram. The King obviously answered him!

Like Michael Jordan in his day, or Kobe Bryant more recently, he inspires the new generation more than anyone else. Model for young basketball players despite his unusual physique, Lebron james is often called upon by the latter. Some of them, however, have a special link with the King.

This is particularly the case of Gabe Cupps, former player of the North Coast Blue Chips. A team in which the 16-year-old leader notably rubbed shoulders with Bronny James, and, therefore, the leader of the Lakers. He took advantage of this old connection with him to mention it in an Instagram story… and to get his reaction.

Gabe Cupps: Time flies ⌚⌚⏩⏩

LeBron James: Wow !! This is madness. Keep it up nephew!

Photographed at a young age alongside the quadruple MVP, Cupps, who in the past dared to challenge him in a 3-point contest, has since experienced a strong growth spurt. To the point of counting only one head behind the Chosen One!

This second shot, taken over the weekend, has a very special context. Indeed, the young star of the high school of Centerville faced this Friday… Bronny, in a duel of the AAU circuit which was worth the detour. It is ultimately on a game-winner attempt by Bron’s son, transformed for the occasion into a coach, that the crazy meeting ended.

Time has indeed passed since this first meeting between LeBron James and Gabe Cupps, now monitored by prestigious universities. It was well worth a longing streak between the two men.

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