Shevchenko wants two Premier League players

Andriy Shevchenko has just joined Genoa as a coach after leaving the Ukrainian side. The Ballon d’Or 2004 would like to recruit two Premier League players in order to help his club to maintain itself. Indeed, Genoa is in 17th place in Serie A and has not won a single match since September 12. To put an end to this bad series, Shevchenko would like to enlist the services of Christian Pulisic as well as his compatriot, Oleksandr Zinchenko.

The new Genoa coach will surely have to take these players in the form of a loan, as these two players have a fairly high market value. The former Dortmund winger is estimated to be worth € 50million, while Zinchenko is him, valued at € 28million. Pulisic has just returned from injury and could revive away from England. The 23-year-old American is under contract with Chelsea until June 2024, as is Zinchenko with Manchester City.

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