she realizes her dream of opening a gym

Classes will start on Thursday, November 3 non-stop: Zumba, Zumba kids (8-10 years old), Pilates, muscle strengthening, stretching, yoga, Feldenkrais workshop and yoga course.

stand out

The project matured in the mind of the head of an interim agency for twenty-one years, Guylène Faurie, – who dreamed of being a classical dancer -, since she had discovered Zumba in an association. She remembers the improbable: “We even found ourselves doing Zumba in a parking lot because of the Covid. »

Unease at work grew.  » I could not any more. I took my professional sports qualification certificate at the same time. I got it. Everything happened very quickly. My husband, a carpenter, was a great support. »

The manager wants to stand out. “It’s a family room, the opposite of video lessons. His sister Marie Pierre will host the Feldenkrais workshop once a month. At Guylène Faurie Zumba and muscle building; Sabrina Cogé, formerly coach at the Cognac entertainment center, will teach Pilates; Candy will offer muscle strengthening and stretching.

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