She makes a radical decision!


The towel is burning between Virginie Conte and Nicolo Ferrari. The latter angered his ex. Very upset against the handsome Italian, the pretty blonde made a radical decision!

The filming of Rest of the world was not easy for Nicolo Ferrari. At the time, the young man was recovering from his break with Virginie Conte. But oh surprise, by integrating the adventure, he discovered that the latter had turned the page. Indeed, the pretty blonde had a brief romance with Simon Castaldi… who was none other than the handsome Italian’s confidant. A double shock for Nicolo Ferrari, who finally preferred to leave the adventure, as he explained in a Youtube video.

Yes, like a large number of reality TV candidates, the young man decided to get started on Youtube. And the least we can say is that her first video is already making a lot of noise… Moreover, Virginie Conte was quick to react to her confidences. And she did not hide her anger.

“He always takes advantage of surfing on my image to make people cry in the cottages”

“You should know that this afternoon, Nicolo heard from me, by WhatsApp. We swapped. Everything went very well. And afterwards, he didn’t even have the courage to tell me that he was releasing a video to pose as a victim. He always takes advantage of surfing on my image to make people cry in the cottages and to make me pass for what I am not, “said the pretty blonde on her social networks.

You will have understood, the young woman accuses her ex of use this story to create buzz. Very lifted, she thus took a drastic decision :

All this to tell you, with my crazy head, that I won’t do cross country, because I don’t want to. Neither the Marseillais cross, nor the cross of cross, nor the cross of Ch’tis (…) I don’t want to. The Nicolo stories and his conquests and his Youtube, leave me out of all that!

Nicolo Ferrari responds to Virginie Conte

The message obviously got through since Nicolo was quick to respond to his ex. Thus, the young man believes that he is not saying anything serious in his video. “I didn’t insult her! Let her watch the video before speaking, ”he says.

And to specify:

I am not a victim. My problems with Virginie are due to our respective prides and because we both made mistakes.

Nicolo Ferrari assures him, he has moved on too. An update that will put an end to this clash?


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