sharper, more sporty, more radical!

Failing to reinvent the wheel, Alpine is reinventing its own myth with the A110 R, a new version of its famous “bombinette”: more extreme, lighter, sportier, in a word, more “radical”!

We told you about it here, Alpine reinvents the line that made it famous, the A110, in the form of a new restyling. If, at first glance, the look of this new A110 R does not contrast singularly with that of its illustrious predecessorsthe novelty is hidden in the details

34 kg less on the scale

lighter, sharper, more inspired by motor racing, more “radical”: this new Alpine play the card of superlatives. More « track » than ever thanks to a development in the wind tunnel inspired by F1, it benefits from a solid slimming cure : 34 kilos less on the scale than the A110 S for a weight reduced to 1082 kilos.

“Plumage” question, sound aerodynamics has also been reworked to improve downforce and reduce drag 5%. The front face of the A110 R is equipped with the same carbon blade as the A110 S, but with entrance shutters air vents integrated into the shield, which help to reduce air resistance and improve top speed.

An Alpine that is always more “sport motor”

For the first time in the A110 range, some rooms such as the hood, the rear window and the diffuser, reimagined in depth, are specific to this version. L’rear wing, secured with clips  » gooseneck « has an identical shape to that of the A110 S, except for a few specifications that make it unique: less inclined, more set back with a lower angle of attack.

Of the carbon side skirts have been integrated to extend the flat floor, limiting the disturbances in the basement. The skirt also goes up on the front of rear wheel for increased stability. Finally, the exhaust also changes.

The double cannula that characterizes the A110 receives here a 3D printed double wall to isolate gases and protect neighboring rooms.

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Ready to challenge the clock!

More than a road car, the new Alpine A110 R is above all intended « track » at heart. Under his hoodthere is obviously no chance of an architecture that wins with the 1.8 liter 4 cylinder releasing 300 hp with a 340 Nm torque available from 2,400 rpm.

Everything is coupled with a 7-speed automatic transmission dual clutch. What to take the « beast » of 0 to 100 km/h in only 3.9 seconds and until 285 km/h.

To maximize the circuit driving sensationsAlpine has lowered the 10mm ride height compared to the A110 S, plus 10 mm thanks to the adjustable shock absorbers. At the level of driving stylesnothing really new with the usual trio: Regular, Sports and Track.

A « racing » atmosphere from the interior to the livery

Let’s end this overview with thecockpit. The interior of the Alpine A110 R is entirely made of microfiber, including door panel trim. Of the red straps replace the traditional door opening handles and recall the world of racing.

the flying is also covered with microfiber with some gray stitching. The seats Sabelt Track are equipped with 6 point harness. The umpteenth demonstration of its « racing » character, the livery is equipped with “Blue Racing Mat”the same as used on theA522 driven by Esteban Ocon and Fernando Alonso. In addition to blue, there is also red, carbon, in gloss black finish on the roof, and microfiber.

Alpine A110 R (2023): technical sheet

  • 1.8 4-cylinder engine
  • Power: 300 hp
  • Weight / power: 3.6 kg/hp
  • 0-100km/h: 3.9s
  • Torque: 340 Nm from 2,400 to 6,000 rpm
  • Top speed: 285 km/h
  • Chassis: recalibrated springs and anti-roll bars, specific axle geometry, 10% stiffer coil springs, specific anti-roll bars, adjustable spring/shock absorber combinations, ride height reduced by 10 mm with possibility of reducing by another 10 mm on the circuit
  • Empty weight in running order: 1082 kg
  • Exhaust system: Sports
  • Braking system: Brembo high performance, 320 mm diameter bi-material discs front and rear
  • Rims: 18 inch full carbon
  • Tyres: Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 semi-slick, 215/40 R18 front and 245/40 R18 rear
  • Seats: Sabelt carbon monocoque shells, 2-way adjustable Track for the driver with mixed black carbon fiber-microfiber upholstery and gray stitching

Discover the new Alpine A110 R in our slideshow above and in video:

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