Shareef O’Neal’s big blues move

At the dawn of an NCAA season that promises to be absolutely decisive for him, Shareef O’Neal is preparing with determination and professionalism in his corner. But this Sunday, the son of Shaq had a big blow of the blues for a moment …

At 21 well packed, Shareef O’Neal has no more time to waste. After a serious heart operation, a freshman season to get back on his feet at UCLA then a transfer to LSU, his illustrious father’s college, the offspring of Shaquille is counting on this 2021-2022 campaign, his third in the NCAA, for finally take flight and show what it is capable of.

For now, due to injury concerns and an inability to move physically, “Reef” has generally stayed away from his teams’ rotations, playing a few minutes here and there. However, the potential is real in this player, who plays a winger and peaks at 2m06, with a much more athletic silhouette than that of the Big Cactus.

Black Sunday for Shareef O’Neal

But a few weeks before the resumption, Shareef O’Neal had a big blow of blues this Sunday. In a touching and quickly deleted tweet, he shared his felt sadness:

My grandfather, my aunt, Kobe… I miss all the people I’ve lost over the past few years. It’s one of those days… 😞 RIP ❤️ I LOVE YOU ALL

Although it only remained posted for a few minutes, this tweet won O’Neal many messages of support from netizens concerned about his sanity. Hoping that this temporary slack is now a thing of the past, we offer you some highlights of the guy at LSU last year:

Shareef O’Neal is a sensitive man, and he’s had a tough day thinking about all the loved ones he’s lost. We can only understand …

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