Shareef O’Neal signs his comeback with a shattering alley-oop-poster!

Back to business after a hell of a desert crossing, Shareef O’Neal savors. Passing through the famous Drew League, the Shaq’s son made sure everyone was talking about him with a shattering poster to conclude an alley-oop!

At 21, is Shareef O’Neal finally ready to launch his career? After having come close to the worst and undergoing an operation on the level of the heart, the offspring of Shaquille slowly finds sensations. Happy and grateful to be able to have fun on the pitch, « Reef » was invited to take part in the Drew League.

This famous summer league, where huge names in the NBA have come to play over the years, is back in service this year after a 2020 edition canceled due to the pandemic. So to mark the occasion, O’Neal signed one of the huge highlights of the weekend:

And it’s even more beautiful from this angle:

It remains to be hoped that this flash will be followed by real consistency in the career of Shaq’s eldest son. Having a hard time at his UCLA college, Shareef has indeed chosen to transfer and continue the adventure at… LSU, his father’s illustrious college.

We can now bet that the body of the colossus (2m06, 102 kilos) holds up, he who has long been hampered by physical problems, especially in the ankle recently. An NBA future remains highly unlikely at this point, but history has taught us to never bury Reef and his steel mind!

The pleasure of seeing Shareef O’Neal having fun and having fun is contagious. See you on LSU’s side next season!

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