Shareef O’Neal reveals a unique photo of Kobe, already nearly 100,000 likes!

Very close to Kobe Bryant, whom he considered to be his uncle, Shareef O’Neal is recently on an unheard of snapshot of him and the Black Mamba. Generously, the Shaq’s offspring shared it, and the photo was obviously a hit!

As he prepares to try to finally sign a benchmark season on the side of LSU, Shareef O’Neal never misses an opportunity to discuss Kobe bryant. Very close to the Mamba, Shaquille’s son regularly posts messages to the former number 24 of the Lakers, and the latter accompanies him daily or almost in everything he does.

We can imagine, moreover, that Kobe would have a lot of advice to give to « Reef », who has had a delicate university career for the moment, and who still has not been able to play any game during this 2021-22 season at cause of recurrent injuries. But alas, the Mamba is no longer there.

The never seen photo posted by Shareef O’Neal

To honor his memory, however, Shareef dug through his archives, and he came across a snapshot of him, very young, with Bryant in the background. O’Neal obviously did not hesitate to publish the photo, which has already had a viral success by bordering on 100,000 likes on Twitter!

A photo never seen before ❤️ I miss you uncle

Unsurprisingly, Kobe’s orange ball bulimic wears a basketball jersey – more precisely, Jerry West’s throwback jersey for the Lakers. Shareef was just a kid, but he spent his very early years surrounded by Bryant, until the “divorce” between the Mamba and the Shaq in 2004.

Subsequently, and despite the many soap operas and beefs between the two stars, « Reef » and Kobe have always kept a special bond. Shaq’s son had written to « Bean » just hours before the fatal crash, and his tragic death remains a real trauma for the Big Cactus’ eldest son, who never fails to pay tribute to him. and who even got a tattoo in her honor.

Shareef O’Neal will carry his heart Kobe Bryant into eternity, and today he only has memories and photos to remember the Mamba. A Mamba definitely left much, much too soon.

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