Shareef O’Neal is making his comeback and doing some clean stuff!

Long absent from the field due to serious injury, Shareef O’Neal was able to celebrate his comeback this week. For his first match of the year, Shaq’s son was very skilful off the bench, with a good production. Something to make everyone smile!

It had been over six months since Shareef O’Neal had played, an eternity. Victim of a stress fracture in the foot at the beginning of the summer, the interior had to do with a very long rehabilitation without being able to help his teammates at LSU. however, this waiting period is now over! The player was able to participate in his first game of the year, during the trip to Florida:

Shareef O’Neal finally back after injury

In 13 minutes on the floors, the impact of Shaq’s son was relatively minimal, but very clean: 4 points at 2/2 shooting and 4 rebounds. Obviously, these are not high numbers, but the essential was elsewhere; O’Neal was going through big periods of doubt during his time away from the courts, and the mere act of stepping on one again in official competition certainly gave him some heartburn.

The icing on the cake, the Tigers won 64-58 against the Gators, to properly celebrate the comeback of one of theirs. very active on social networks, Shareef could not help but share his joy on Twitter. A short message, but one which expresses all his relief and satisfaction to fiddle with the orange ball again:

Now all that is left is to stay healthy until the end of the NCAA season. Considering his injury liabilities and his chaotic college career (transferred from UCLA to LSU during the course of the course), the guy is probably unlikely to be drafted one day. As said earlier, the main thing is not there, however, and he will first of all work to complete this exercise on a good note.

Shaquille O’Neal can be proud of his son, who has overcome a hell of a lot of hardships to finally be able to play again. A hell of a fighting spirit! One can only wish Shareef to keep on her own two legs, as long as possible.

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