Shaquille O’Neal’s incredible Christmas decision revealed

Shaquille O’Neal is not just an NBA legend, the most dominant pivot of the story, he is also a great man. For Christmas, he showed immense generosity to bring smiles to hundreds of children in Atlanta.

Time goes by, the players parade in the NBA, but Shaquille O’Neal remains the most physically dominant interior in league history. Zion Williamson Perhaps could have risen to his level, but unfortunately the injuries are starting to follow one another, which is necessarily worrying for the rest of his career. And while waiting to see the development of No. 1 of the 2019 Draft, the Diesel remains alone on its throne.

And this is not the only honorary title to which he can claim. Indeed, Shaq is perhaps the smartest investor in history. He is not necessarily the richest, since Michael jordan is at the head of an empire, since Lebron james has a contract estimated at over a billion dollars with Nike, but he knows how to vary his activities to enrich himself.

Shaquille O’Neal is giving away 1,000 PS5 and Nintendo Switch!

And the fortune amassed over the years does not only benefit him and his family. He obviously pays huge taxes, but above all, he is involved in many charitable actions. For Christmas, for example, he used his huge network to bring happiness to more than 500 children in need. He spoke about it in his podcast.

My father was a military instructor, my mother worked hard. They didn’t have much but always taught me the importance of giving back what you receive. They taught me how to help those in need. So for Christmas I called some friends over at Nintendo and Sony, and ordered around 1000 Switch and PS5. I also bought a lot of bikes from Walmart. I went to a small elementary school in Georgia to give these gifts. The children were crying, were happy, and that’s what matters most.

Shaquille O’Neal gave Christmas gifts to over 500 children for the 20th edition of “Shaq-a Claus” at Wesley Lakes Elementary School!

As « Shaq » year, the Diesel has decided to do good around him for the holidays. He sometimes goes to shopping centers to pay for groceries for certain families, and this time he has gone all out on his “Shaq-a Claus” foundation. The children of this elementary school near Atlanta must have spent the most beautiful Christmas thanks to the Hall of Famer. They will remember it all their lives!

Shaquille O’Neal is undoubtedly one of the legends the most altruistic of the NBA microcosm. His parents taught him generosity, and even today he applies their education to the letter, with many gifts for the holiday season.

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