Shaq’s incredible technique when he goes to a restaurant

Shaquille O’Neal is a bon vivant, so he definitely likes going to a restaurant. But when you’re such a superstar, there’s no time to wait several minutes to receive your meals. Diesel has found an incredible technique to be served first.

Shaquille O’Neal is a man for whom time is more than precious. Indeed, he has to juggle many hats and his days are necessarily very busy. Some evenings of the week, for example, he has to go on the set of the show Inside The NBA to talk about basketball, of course, but also to entertain viewers with his spicy sense of humor.

And back home, he has to take on the role of father, since he has to take care of his 6 children. Shareef, the tallest boy, is in college for example, but the Shaq must give him some good advice so that he can achieve his dream of becoming a professional. Expectations are high around the children of the most dominant pivot in history, so he must support them, which is also a full-time job.

Shaq’s huge tips at the restaurant

And in addition to these already very busy occupations, Diesel must also manage its many businesses. As Kevin Durant, now at the head of a real financial empire, Shaq has invested heavily since his retirement. The days aren’t always long enough for him to run his business, so he tries to save time as best he can. At the restaurant, he found the ultimate technique. He tells Jimmy kimmel.

When I am at a restaurant, I like to show my gratitude. When the waiters arrive, I always say that the faster I am served, the more I tip. The dishes always arrive faster. And before leaving I ask the waiter who took care of us how much he wants. The largest sum requested was $ 4,000. I gave them without worry.

Shaquille O’Neal knows how to get priority served in restaurants, he promises a huge tip for quick service, and he’s generous enough to let the waiters decide for themselves what they need. Fortunately for Diesel, no one has yet abused its generosity, even if $ 4,000 is a good sum.

It is undoubtedly his status as a restaurant owner that makes him so generous with the waiters. He must know how hard they work, how low their income can be, so he tries to thank them with this nice gesture. If Shaquille O’Neal was a tough guy on the pitch, he’s a big teddy bear outside, always keeping his heart in his hand.

Perhaps Shaquille O’Neal shouldn’t have revealed this secret though. The servers will now know that it is not necessary to hesitate to ask for XXL sums, the Diesel is ready to give.

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