Shaq leaves office … after a huge financial blow!

Man with multiple hats since his retirement, Shaquille O’Neal will however have to remove one of them very soon. Diesel will indeed find itself forced to resign from one of its positions … to cash a huge check!

Life as a retiree is clearly not a haven for him. Removed from the NBA courts since 2011, Shaquille O’Neal immediately joined the ranks of TNT, to become its flagship analyst. At the same time, he made sure to develop several activities, and to invest his money in promising marketing opportunities. This is precisely what he has just done, by engaging with the sports betting platform WynnBET !

The brand has thus announced the arrival of the Big Cactus in its organization chart, as a “strategic consultant bringing its expertise”. However, this business operation will necessarily mean that it will have to abandon another of its statutes. The financial expert Joe Pompliano is indeed responsible for announcing that, to take on this new costume, the former pivot will have to give up his role… as a shareholder in the Kings!

Shaq has been appointed WynnBET Ambassador and will be the new face of the brand’s advertising campaigns on television, as well as on digital and paper media.

In order not to deviate from the rules of the NBA, Shaq will have to sell his minority stakes in the Sacramento Kings.

The value of these has increased by around 250% since he acquired them in 2013!

Eight years ago, the Kings franchise was valued at just $ 534 million; a number far removed from that of 1.8 billion, which is its current value. In other words, Shaq will not only realize a nice capital gain thanks to this sale, but will also pocket a nice sum for his new position at WynnBET ! Who said the Big Aristotle was not a keen investor?

After eight years of more or less involvement in the Sacramento board, Shaquille O’Neal is leaving the Kings to achieve a magnificent financial operation. Hats off to the artist.

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