Shaq explains cash why the Nets are going to get kicked out by Milwaukee!

Officially qualified for the conference semifinals, Brooklyn and Milwaukee will face off in a real clash of the Titans. Difficult to predict a clear winner of this series. For Shaquille O’Neal on the other hand, there is no doubt: the Bucks will win, and for a very specific reason.

4-0 for the Bucks against Miami, 4-1 for the Nets against Boston: the first round of the playoffs was only a formality for the two top names in the East. Now, however, things are starting to get serious. The two franchises will have to fight a grueling battle to determine who will validate their ticket to the conference finals.

While many see blacks and whites passing by, thanks to Kevin Durant, James harden and others Kyrie Irving, this is not the case with all NBA analysts, and in particular the Shaq. On the set of the show Inside the NBA, the Hall of Famer has declared that the Bucks will win the series. He took the opportunity to substantiate his point, and named a very specific reason for it:

Both teams play fast, both teams can score points, but one of them doesn’t have a strong defense. A team cannot say for two or three minutes that they are going to block someone. That’s why I’m leaning a bit for Milwaukee.

Look, the three strong guys in Brooklyn, they’ll do what they do, Giannis and company will do what they do. But I think when it comes to locking everything down and your team has to adopt that kind of mentality, Milwaukee has the advantage for me on this point.

Defense wins titles is a well-known adage in sport. And in this game, the Deers would therefore have the advantage. It is true that while their attack is flamboyant, the Nets are not so sparkling in their own half. Facing guys like Giannis, Middleton et al. Jrue Holiday, it may not be forgiving. Steve Nash’s men must therefore expect a hell of a battle.

Brooklyn is almost everyone’s favorite. According to Shaquille O’Neal, Milwaukee is expected to reach the conference finals. In view of the quality of the workforce of Mike Budenholzer, it is in any case clearly a possibility.

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