Shaq explains cash why Shareef failed to break through!

When asked about his son Shareef, Shaquille O’Neal is usually very complimentary, explaining that he had the potential to shine in the NBA… But following a complicated summer and a departure from the Lakers after the Summer League, the Diesel had to be honest about the Reef problem.

For years, Shaquille O’Neal explains to anyone who will listen that his son Shareef is made for the top level and that he has potential « à la Giannis Antetokounmpo »… It is clear that the comparison does not hold, at least not for the moment, since Reef was not retained by the Lakers after the Summer League. His performances were clearly not up to par.

Moreover, he has no not spared by Purple and Gold fans, so much so that he decided to quit social media for a while. Sportingly he did not show the capabilities of a rotation player in the NBA, and mentally either. In this league where only victories and good performances count, you have to know how to accept the worst online abuse.

Shaq says Shareef isn’t crazy enough for the NBA

If he was not kept by Los Angeles, he still received excellent news, since he signed up for the G League for several hundred thousand dollars, enough to flourish professionally. for the next seasons. In a recent interview, his father still spoke about the eventful summer of Shareef, and he knows what his son lacks to shine at the highest level.

He’s a better shooter than I was at his age, he runs better, faster than me at the time, he has a better body… But sometimes to succeed at the highest level you have to be a little crazy and want it more than anything. Many people can play basketball, but it takes a huge love for the sport to be successful. If he keeps working hard he will be fine.

For Shaquille O’Neal, his son would not be crazy enough and obsessed with basketball to succeed in imposing himself at the highest level, a fairly honest analysis on the part of Diesel. Shareef knows that even without a place in the NBA, even without a multi-million contract, he will not be in need. If he’s not cut out for the big leagues, he could shine in the G League, like in the Combine:

Shaquille O’Neal realizes that his son is not necessarily made to evolve in the NBA, mainly because of a  » problem  » mental. On the other hand, in the G League, he could face a competition of his level and make great progress.

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