Shaq cash on a star: « I wouldn’t want him on my team »

Shaquille O’Neal knows all about it matter tensions in the locker room, he who had an explosive relationship with Kobe Bryant. And currently, he is observing a star he would not have liked to play with at all, because of his selfish attitude and his preferential treatment.

In a large majority of team sports, it is better to have a good understanding in the workforce to hope to obtain good results in competition. The coach of the France football team Didier Deschamps regularly reminds those who criticize his decisions that he seeks above all to form a solid and homogeneous group, even if that means leaving some of the best players at home.

But if a healthy locker room is a significant plus, it is not necessarily a necessity to achieve great things and win titles. Among the Lakers of the early 2000s, for example, Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant weren’t the best of friends, quite the contrary, and yet they managed to lead their team to the latest 3-peat.

Shaquille O’Neal destroys Kyrie Irving

So when the Shaq talks about relationships in a locker room, his opinion is bound to be relevant. That’s what he did recently on a show, when discussing the current poor form of the Nets. According to the most dominant pivot in history, the exceptional situation of Kyrie Irving could play a role… He in any case would not have supported the preferential treatment.

If you’re in my team but you can’t even play the home games, I don’t want to see you in the squad at all. If we have a chance of winning the title and you can’t be 100% in the organization, you have to go to another franchise, it’s as simple as that.

Shaquille O’Neal is against the idea of ​​having a part-time player, and he is probably not the only one with this mindset. It must be said that it must be particularly frustrating to see a teammate as important as Kyrie Irving in Brooklyn play from time to time, while the rest of the group is killing themselves to achieve good results.

This is perhaps what explains the visible nervousness of James Harden lately and the transfer rumors around the latter. The Bearded man may be tired of knowing that his chances of winning a title also depend on a player who will only be there 50% of the time in the playoffs.

Shaquille O’Neal would never accept a player being part-time on his team, and he’s probably not the only legend to think so. If the Nets did not necessarily have a choice with injuries and fatigue, good results will have to be obtained to justify this decision.

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