Shane Wright claims he wasn’t looking at anyone (after admitting otherwise)

Kent Hughes and his gang made the (daring) decision to select Juraj Slafkovsky first overall last Thursday night at the Bell Centre. Many fans came out to see Shane Wright don a Canadiens jersey – many were even already wearing one. Jersey Wright’s red – but the new management preferred to go for the great Slovak winger. Monday, Kent Hughes leaned towards this option. On Wednesday, the whole team was quite convinced to go for Slafkovsky. And on Thursday, he convinced the Montreal staff with his answers during a final in-person interview before the draft. In the end, Slafkovsky therefore impressed his new bosses on the ice, but also outside of it.

But it wasn’t just Slafkovsky who got Montreal talking in the minutes following the first overall selection. No ! Wright’s likely look at the Canadiens’ table after being selected by the Kraken made headlines pretty quickly. We will not hide it.

Several people mentioned on the other hand that Wright had not looked at anyone…that the journalists were still looking for sh*t to Montreal…

And rather than assume his gesture or apologize, Shane Wright walked away yesterday.

In an interview on the Sportsnet television network, Wright publicly denied the Internet users’ hypothesis, indicating that he was watching – get this – the cameras.

 » No way. I was just looking at the cameras in front of me, he justified. To be honest, I don’t really remember when I got on stage. I wasn’t trying to stare at anyone, even though that’s what the video shows. – Shane Wright

Yes, Filip Zadina Shane Wright looked at the cameras smiling when he was on stage, you can see that perfectly in the video above… but before he put on his sweater, when his gaze changed, it clearly wasn’t for the photographers, that !

FirstWright mentioned in the minutes following his selection that he was going to hold a small grudge against the Canadian (chip on his shoulder)…

Secondhe began to like lots of messages saying that the Canadian had drafted the worst first-round pick since Nail Yakupov (and lots of other messages to the CH)…

(Credit: Instagram)

But above all, third, Wright himself confessed in a podcast titled English speaker chuck and buck that he was looking someone he didn’t want to name directly in the eye Thursday night. We can think without too much mistake that it was a member of the general staff of the Canadian. Anyway, yesterday he said the opposite of what he had said a few days earlier. His story does not work out.

Note that the link of podcast in question as well as the likes from Wright on Instagram have since been taken down. We seem to be in fashion damage control around the Kraken’s first choice.

By acting as he has over the past few hours, Wright proved the Canadiens made the right call by ignoring him at the top. You can imagine the kind of controversy he could have started if the Canadiens had decided to send him back to the OH or if he didn’t like his linemates in October? It would have been a circus in a market like Montreal. I want to believe that he is young, but he is under the spotlight and must act accordingly. It is not in the words of a man that we recognize his leadershipit is in his actions. It’s no coincidence that teams had Wright as far back as sixth…

In short, Slafkovsky is in his place in Montreal and Wright is just as much in Seattle. All’s well That ends well. Looking forward to the first game between the two teams, me…

Slafkovsky is confident and he borders on arrogance, but without touching it. Wright is clearly arrogant.

Note that Don Cherry – as a good pro-Canada/Ontario – can’t believe that the CH looked up at Wright. Wayne Gretzky, he had the class to call Wright in order to to console/advise.

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