several players of the selection would refuse to be vaccinated

According to information from the English press, five players from the English selection refuse to be vaccinated. Three of them were present at the last Euro. What to pose possible problems in the future to Gareth Southgate.

To participate in the 2022 World Cup, it may be necessary to be vaccinated against the coronavirus, as the organizers would wish for the event to be held normally. Last month, The Athletic revealed that Qatar intended to make its voice heard with Fifa and force all players qualified for the World Cup, which it is organizing, to be vaccinated.

What to pose possible problems to the Three Lions. According to information from the Sun this Saturday, five players from the English selection would refuse to be vaccinated, which could necessarily pose problems for coach Gareth Southgate. Three of the players concerned would have participated in the last Euro, where England failed in the final, on penalties, against Italy. The Daily Mail indicated in recent days that there was a real mistrust of several Premier League players in the face of this vaccination, with a large number completely refusing to submit to it. An England footballer in the squad reportedly claimed he was too « young and fit » for the virus to really affect him.

Some leaders would have alerted to the fact that the locker rooms are currently « polluted » by conspiracy theories, relayed by several players. Other footballers would simply refuse the vaccine for family reasons.

Southgate participated in commercials for vaccination

For his part, Gareth Southgate, the England coach, is pro-vaccine and has even participated in an advertising campaign in recent weeks. For his presence in advertising in favor of vaccination, he received much criticism, which has dampened his desire to take a stand ever since. « This is the subject, and there are several, where I have received the most abuse on the internet, » said the England coach.

For the moment, the English selection respects a sanitary bubble to be able to play its matches. England travel to Andorra on Saturday 9 October then host Hungary on 12 October, for two matches counting towards the 2022 World Cup qualifiers. After six matches, England lead Group I with four points. advance on Albania.

« It is disappointing to hear that some footballers do not want to be vaccinated, possibly because of misinformation online, said Nigel Huddleston, UK sports minister. A spokesperson for the English Football Association (FA ) wanted to be more reassuring: « This is a private matter for individuals and their respective clubs as employers, » he said. Our preparations for the next international matches are continuing as normal. « 

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