several “ideas and concepts” are discussed

When will Kirby Dach sign his contract? This is one of the last issues to be settled at the moment at the Canadiens before starting the next campaign.

There’s a lot of talk about two years at around $2 million a season for a bridge contract in his case, but there’s nothing certain. Does the player want more money? More years?

In fact, I really feel that it is the number of years that is at the heart of the negotiations. Does the player want more years to have insurance or less years to take the bet that he can bounce back quickly? Who knows.

But that’s the feeling I get from listening to Elliotte Friedman talk about the case.

Why? Because the Sportsnet insider has nothing clear to report besides what he hears about the centre-back’s next contract rumours.

In particular, he has heard rumors recently regarding his contract, but he was told that it was premature to talk about it.

This leads us to believe that there are several scenarios on the table at the moment and that everything is open regarding an upcoming contract… and that’s kind of what Friedman confirmed.

He heard that a bridge contract is discussed, but of different lengths.

Don’t assume three (years), don’t assume two, don’t assume four. It could [être] several ideas or concepts around these lines. – Elliott Friedman

So basically, all we know is that we don’t know anything. That said, Friedman still felt the need to update it in his podcast, which is intriguing.

Finally, note that according to Elliotte Friedman, Carey Price absolutely deserves his place at the Temple. After all, it’s not just the Hall of the NHL: it’s the Hall of Hockey in general. And in 2014, at the Olympics, Price was very important – and that’s not the only time he’s been good.

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