Seth Curry drops his 5 all-time, LeBron snubbed!

Like many players, Seth Curry had to comply with the exercise of 5 all-time during his appearance on a famous show. And the least we can say is that he made some singular choices. No LeBron James for example, but a superstar known for his injuries is there!

Seth Curry is having a great season with the Sixers, posting record statistics in his career. He’s never been more prolific than he is now, averaging 16.3 points at 51% shooting success and 41% success behind the arc, and he’s never been more selfless with 3.9 assists on the clock. In fact, the absence of Ben simons seems to do him good.

The rear is also so satisfactory that its leaders have made a huge decision in the transfer market. Tobias Harris, the current No.2 behind Joel Embiid, would be available alongside the Australian point guard, and a departure would allow the trigger to gain prominence in the franchise. For an undrafted player after leaving Duke, it’s a rather remarkable journey.

A 5 without LeBron James, but with Tracy McGrady

Because he is now an important personality of the NBA microcosm, Seth Curry is invited on certain prestigious sets, including that of the show All The Smoke, which is still a hit on YouTube. He answered questions from Stephen Jackson and Matt Barnes, and he must have given up his dream team. His choices may come as a surprise, but there is a fairly simple explanation behind it.

In my team there are me, Steph, Michael Jordan, Tracy McGrady, and Shaquille O’Neal. We’re going to rule out the game.

At first glance, this team is rather improbable. Indeed, seeing Seth Curry in the middle of these legends gives him a particularly narcissistic side, and then, even if Tracy McGrady marked his generation, he does not really have his place among the historical elite of the league. But the reason behind these surprising choices is quite simple, the Sixers back had to give his dream team to play on the streets with his brother.

And with this prism, the team looks quite different. Two players as skillful as the Curry brothers would cause a lot of trouble on the playgrounds, and they would free up space at Michael jordan, who would be able to go dunker on all his opponents. Tracy McGrady would bring some size and her unique flow, when Shaq terrorized all racquets. In NBA Street, this team would be unplayable.

Seth Curry has good taste, his team could hurt many opponents on the playgrounds! Even today, these 5 could have some leisurely fun. In the street talent often makes the difference, and they are not lacking in it.

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