Serious injury for Kawhi Leonard? The terrible last sounds of the hallway

Announced out for Game 5 at the beginning of the afternoon, Kawhi Leonard could in fact be absent for much longer than expected… The news which falls gradually even clearly fears the worst, including the last update of Shams Charania .

The series between the Jazz and the Clippers will most certainly end without Kawhi leonard. Hit in the knee, The Klaw was first announced out for Game 5, before his status for the remainder of the series was called into question. But tonight, it’s Shams Charania throwing a huge cold shower.

In a tweet, The Athletic’s insider explains that the knee ligaments may well be affected. At least this is the fear of the Clipps, who are waiting for additional examinations to have the final diagnosis:

The Clippers fear All-NBA star Kawhi Leonard is suffering from a cruciate ligament injury in his knee, sources tell The Athletic. He is out indefinitely.

Obviously, there are several levels of severity of a knee ligament injury. But this extremely sensitive area is known to be fertile for long-lasting injuries. In the event of a rupture of the ligaments, for example, it is an absence of at least 8 months that would await the former Spurs. A huge blow.

It remains to be patient and hope for a small miracle. Unfortunately, this kind of « premonitory » tweets from insiders rarely announces a positive outcome. The same pattern had for example been adopted for DeMarcus Cousins ​​and Klay Thompson during their serious injuries.

Not always excellent but battlers in these playoffs, the Clippers are 2 games away from reaching the conference finals in their quest for repentance after the bubble fiasco. Kawhi Leonard is obviously the undisputed boss of the team, playing at a very high level. Losing him would be terrible not only for this season, but for the next one as well.

Fear is growing around Kawhi Leonard, who we hope with all our hearts will prevent a rupture of the cruciate ligaments. Force to him.

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