Serious and diligent, the Greens are widely accepted!

It was under a beautiful sun and in ideal conditions that the Vertes found their Salif-Keita ground this Sunday. In front of many spectators, Laurent Mortel’s daughters quickly took the game on their own. A planned and anticipated scenario against a Nîmes team struggling in the standings. Despite a compact opposing block, ASSE quickly got a first chance. After six short minutes of play, Laury Jesus triggered an acrobatic scissor. Successful, it was countered in extremis by an opposing defender. Frustrated by the purpose of an action that deserved better, the striker of the Vertes was not asked for her second opportunity. Launched in depth by his captain Élise Legrout, Laury Jesus did not tremble and opened the scoring for the Vertes (ASSE 1-0 Nimes, 22nd). Seriously, the Stéphanoises did not give up. Found by Phoenetia Browne, Cindy Caputo doubled the bet but saw her goal be disallowed for an offside position (34th). Postponed. Because it is finally a defender, Chloé Tapia, who with a superb strike, widened the gap (ASSE 2-0 Nimes, 39th). ASSE was unfolding even when, in the space of two minutes, Cindy Caputo scored a double (ASSE 3-0 Nîmes, 45th then ASSE 4-0 Nîmes, 45th+1).

The second period started at the same pace. Serious and above all respectful of their opponent of the day, the Greens played their all-out. As soon as the kick-off was given, Phoenetia Browne weighed down the mark (ASSE 5-0 Nimes, 46th). Chloé Marty immediately obtained a penalty that Ninon Blanchard transformed (ASSE 6-0 Nimes, 48th). Coming into play a few seconds earlier, Abby Carchio participated, from the head, in the party (ASSE 7-0 Nimes, 54th). The storm had passed over the heads of Nîmes a little but the Vertes did not slow down the pace. Peyton DePriest, just entering in place of Cindy Caputo, overflowed and deposited an offering to Phoenetia Browne who went there for her double (ASSE 8-0 Nimes, 68th). The Saint-Etienne success finally ended with two other achievements: one signed Anaëlle Anglais on a corner (ASSE 9-0 Nimes, 78th) and finally the other Peyton DePriest (ASSE 10-0 Nimes, 81st).

Laurent Mortel’s reaction : « At the risk of surprising, I am satisfied with the result, but not with the content of our first half where we were not completely in the project despite the score. I believe that our team is capable of producing different football, which we saw in the second half. (…) Our place as leader? It is too premature to make an inventory. We only take care of ourselves. We know it, the championship will be tight, we will have to be careful at each meeting.

ASSE 10-0 FF Nimes

Sunday October 2 at the Salif-Keita stadium

Half time: 4-0

Goals: Jesus (22nd), Tapia (39th), Caputo (45th, 45th+1), Browne (46th, 68th), Blanchard (48th), Carchio (54th), English (78th), DePriest (81st).

ASSE: Gignoux – Tapia, English, Blanchard, Romanenko – Legrout, Otu (then Coquard, 66th) – Marty (then Carchio, 53rd), Jesus (then Belin, 72nd), Browne, Caputo (then DePriest, 66th). Trainer: Laurent Mortel.

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