Serious allegations about Conor McGregor

An Irish woman has claimed she was assaulted by Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) fighter Conor McGregor while staying on her yacht.

This was reported by the Spanish daily « Ultima Hora » on Tuesday. The woman alleges the 34-year-old punched her and threatened to drown her.

McGregor meanwhile denied doing so.

« Mr. McGregor is unwavering in his denial of all charges made by a guest on his boat,” a representative for the mixed martial arts specialist said in a statement provided to ESPN.

An investigation is currently being held by the authorities of Ibiza, an island off the coast of Spain where the facts alleged against McGregor took place.

Also according to the representative, the alleged victim told police that a man other than McGregor had punched him, moments after the incident.

The woman told ‘Ultima Hova’ that she was invited by McGregor to his yacht after meeting him at a nightclub on July 16. She added that the fighter became aggressive the next morning and punched her in the stomach and chin. She escaped by jumping into the water and was rescued by a Red Cross boat.

A judge in Ibiza is currently taking testimony from the woman and the witnesses. He will then decide whether charges will be filed against McGregor.

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