Serie A – Inter Milan: Where is Christian Eriksen?

It’s a fight he promised himself to win. And Christian Eriksen is the stubborn type. No, the last image of him on a football pitch will certainly not be the one that shook the world during the last Euro 2020. It was more than five months ago, already. On June 12, the Danish international collapsed in the middle of the match, shortly before the Denmark-Finland half-time in Copenhagen. There followed a circle formed by his teammates to protect him from the cameras, an outing on a stretcher and an unbearable wait. Before the long-awaited press release from his federation, announcing a few minutes later of a « stable state« . »He is conscious, he breathes, he can speak« , reassured his agent. The worst was avoided. In the following days, and after a battery of examinations, it was decided to ask him an automatic implantable defibrillator.

Since that late afternoon in June, Christian Eriksen’s life has changed radically. If the man now enjoys every moment she offers him, the player is in lack of land. With, in the background, an incessant question: is a return really possible? « Football remains one of the priorities, assures us one of his teammates at Inter Milan, who met him again during his visit to the training center in early August. He wants to do everything to come back, and he hasn’t given up on his career at all. I don’t know if it will be here or elsewhere, but I’m sure we will see him again on a soccer field. « To achieve this, the former Tottenham player is doing everything possible.

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A re-athletic program in Denmark

After spending several days in his house located in the Brera District of Milan, Eriksen decided to return to Denmark, and more particularly to Odense, where he has been for a few weeks. He is notably followed by several specialists, who have even concocted a re-athletic program for him with a view to a comeback. Why not have done it in Italy? Probably because all structures generally require a medical certificate. « The task would have been complicated, even to access a simple weight room« assured The Gazzetta dello Sport beginning of November. In parallel, all the examinations carried out concerning his cardiac arrest indicated that his heart did not suffer from any particular abnormality. Good news, even if the doctors remain cautious and are still looking for the cause of his discomfort.

According to information from the Italian press, and only in the event that his program goes smoothly by then, Eriksen will be able to increase his workload from the beginning of the year 2022. With, who knows, the assumption to set foot on the lawns again the following season. It will probably not be in Serie A, which prohibits the practice of sports to people with an implantable automatic defibrillator. Since the nerrazzuro attacking midfielder will most likely have to keep him, his adventure in the Italian league is doomed to come to an end. In the meantime, his medical follow-up is regularly shared by Danish specialists with the medical staff of his club.

Inter do not let go, but his departure is very possible

On the Inter side, Christian Eriksen, decisive in the second part of last season for the conquest of the title, is not forgotten. His teammates never hesitate to check in on the first team’s WhatsApp group. And Giuseppe Marotta, the managing director of the Lombard club, regularly picks up his phone to do the same. « He is doing well, he is in excellent physical and mental shape« , the Serie A club said in a press release on August 4. It should be noted that FIFA covers his salary in full, and that Inter have taken out insurance relating to the player’s financial value. In the coming months , a meeting between the player’s entourage and the Inter staff is expected to take stock of the situation. And on the future, too. of the player and the Inter staff is to be expected to take stock of the situation and the future, too.

Even though all parties involved would like to continue the common story, fate has likely decided to part them. If the impossibility of playing again in Italy is confirmed, Christian Eriksen will have no other choice but to leave. But where ? According to The Gazzetta dello Sport, several options are on the table. A return to Ajax Amsterdam would be considered in particular, where Daley Blind continues his career thanks to the installation of a defibrillator. But the transalpine daily also evokes a possible arrival in the Odense club. For the time being, however, all this discourse remains in the domain of the premature. Today, the Danish international is savoring his present without planning too much on his future. Although he will certainly do anything to make football part of it.

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