Sergio Ramos reveals his two great football idols

Spain’s Paris Saint-Germain center-back has revealed the identity of his two great footballing idols.

After joining PSG five months ago, Sergio Ramos has only one appearance. If the Spanish international has probably lost the habit of treading the lawns, he has not lost his word.

Asked by Amazon Prime Video, the 35-year-old has revealed the identities of his two great football idols.

« My idol … I had two or three, but I would say Claudio Caniggia or Fernando Redondo »

Sergio ramos

Two football legends therefore, perhaps unknown to recent generations but no less emblematic.

Claudio Caniggia, former Roma and Boca Juniors striker and midfielder Fernando Redondo, former Real Madrid and AC Milan player are therefore the two idols of a Sergio Ramos who will undoubtedly be an icon revered by future players at the future.

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