Sergio Aguero 5th, Robbie Fowler 2nd… the 5 fastest hat-tricks in Premier League history

The Premier League is arguably the best and most competitive league in the world. Home to one of the best teams and one of the best players in the world, the Premier League always offers drama and excitement. The intense competition allows players and teams to perform at their best and, in return, fans are entitled to top-level football.

English Premier League football is also where we are treated to some of the weirdest and most fascinating records. On that same note, let’s take a look at an interesting fact in this article.

#5 Sergio Aguero v Newcastle United | 2015 | 8 minutes

Aguero scored five goals against The Magpies

A Premier League goalscoring record would likely be incomplete without Sergio Aguero’s name somewhere on the list. Arguably, Sergio Aguero was the most famous and talented foreigner in the league for 10 long years.

He left Cityzens after a decade with many records under his belt. Manchester City’s top scorer has hardly made any mistakes during his time at the Etihad. His performances have always been at a constant level.

One of those great performances from Aguero came in 2015 against Newcastle United. That day he scored five goals against the Magpies. Moreover, Aguero’s hat-trick in eight minutes is the fifth fastest in league history.

Newcastle opened the scoring in the 18th minute. But they were far from suspecting what awaited them. City scored six goals in return and the Argentine netted five. Aguero scored his hat-trick at 42′, 49′ and 50′ minutes.

#4 Gabriel Agbonlahor v Manchester City | 2008 | 7 minutes 10 seconds

Gabriel Agbonlahor is the top scorer in the EPL for Aston Villa

Gabriel Agbonlahor has played over 391 matches for Aston Villa in all competitions. He was an important part of the Aston Villa squad until his retirement and also their top scorer in the Premier League.

One of Gabriel Agbonlahor’s best performances came in Aston Villa’s league game against Manchester City on August 17, 2008. Aston Villa crushed City at home 4-2. Gabriel Agbonlahor’s hat-trick, which lasted seven minutes, was the highlight of the match.

After netting his first goal and Aston Villa’s second in the 69th minute, Agbonlahor netted two more in the 74th and 76th minutes to complete his hat-trick. Club legend Gareth Barry assisted Agbonlahor twice to seal a comprehensive victory for Aston Villa against Sky Blues.

Gabriel Agbonlahor bid farewell to his lifelong club in 2019.

#3 Jermaine Defoe vs Wigan Athletic | 2009 | 7 minutes

Jermaine Defoe stole the limelight by netting five goals in that match

Jermaine Defoe arrived in the Premier League as one of the most promising youngsters. Even though his career didn’t peak as expected, Defoe had a series of decent stints before transitioning into adulthood.

In 2009, Tottenham Hotspur went wild to beat Wigan Athletic 9-1. Spurs’ Jermaine Defoe stole the show by scoring five goals in the game. From the 51st minute, Jermaine Defoe scored three goals in the space of seven minutes.

He added two more in the 69th and 87th minutes. Fans were able to appreciate Jermaine Defoe’s composure throughout the game. It was one of his best nights in the Premier League. Defoe’s hat-trick against Wigan was the second fastest in the Premier League at the time.

#2 Robbie Fowler v Arsenal | 1994 | 4 mins 33 seconds

Fowler is one of Liverpool's greatest ever players

Considered one of Liverpool’s greatest players, Robbie Fowler has contributed a lot to the club’s success. Fowler haunted the Gunners during a highly publicized match between Liverpool and Arsenal in the Premier League.

Associated with Ian Rush and John Barnes, Robbie Fowler ridiculed Arsenal’s defense that night. He scored his first goal in the 26th minute following a successful aerial duel by Ian Rush. Fowler only had to wait three more minutes to score the second goal.

He completed his hat-trick in less than two minutes. A superior speed advantage allowed Fowler to slip past Arsenal’s back line. Robbie Fowler’s record stood for almost 21 years before being broken by Sadio Mané. More on his exploits in the next section.

#1 Sadio Mane vs Aston Villa | 2015 | 2 minutes 56 seconds

Mane outdid Fowler by 97 seconds

Sadio Mané broke Robbie Fowler’s record by far. His hat-trick only lasted 2 minutes and 56 seconds. Mane beat Fowler by 97 seconds!

The 2014/15 Premier League season was memorable for Sadio Mane and Southampton. The former RB Salzburg striker helped Southampton to a surprising seventh place in the Premier League. He had two great seasons with Southampton before being picked up by Liverpool.

Mane opened the scoring in the 13th minute after the ball landed directly at his feet from a rebound. His second goal came moments later and in a similar fashion. A bad pass once again landed past Sadio Mané who made no mistake and converted it.

Sadio Mane completed his hat-trick after a brilliant Southampton counterattack. He fired towards the top corner to deceive Aston Villa goalkeeper Shay Given.


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