Serge Ferrari offers a snow protection greenhouse

Serge Ferrari’s activities in the mountains go back more than 30 years, to projects for the application of waterproof fabrics on hillside reservoirs. “We take one to two references a year with these sealants, made in France and which meet French standards. But in mountain applications, we have diversified into snow conservation systems » explains Pierre Renard, sales manager for the mountain sector. “We identified three segments. A first which is climatic, intended to pass the season and protect the glaciers. A second which is more seasonal, called the snow farm. And a last device, purely meteorological, which we deploy at the start of the season, with the aim of preserving snow production”.

Indeed, as soon as snow production begins in October, there is often a cold period followed by a foehn period, which leads to a loss of resources. “December 19 is critical. The snow front must be white, especially the beginners’ area, otherwise the season is over”.

Serge Ferrari therefore filed a patent two years ago for his preservation system which consists of first preparing the ground well, then setting up a draining anchor. When the snow reserve is made up, it is covered with a cover which allows the humidity to be evacuated. “We are deploying it for a few weeks, and guaranteeing production available on December 19”.

The solution is starting but has been tested, and desires to buy have already been expressed. “This system, also available for rental, is durable, recyclable and reusable. »

Caroline Thermoz-Liaudy

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