Selected among the 30 players against Malawi: Why is the choice of Serge Aurier disturbing?


The captain of the Elephants of Côte d’Ivoire, Serge Aurier is beautiful and well on the list of 30 players co-opted for the double confrontation with Malawi on October 8 in South Africa. Indeed, without a club for more than a month, the right side of the Ivory Coast national team, will have to participate in the double confrontation. A lot of ink has been written about his selection. Many football lovers do not appreciate the selection of Serge Aurier. In particular, Choilio Diomandé, journalist and consultant for several television channels, who openly attacked the selection of the former member of Paris Saint-Germain. He even considered « scandalous » the selection of the former member of Tottenham. “The selection of Serge Aurier is a scandal. Here is someone who does not have a club, who has not played a match for a month and who is called up for the national team. Patrice Beaumelle will have to tell us his selection criteria. Players are selected on the basis of their form and club performance. This is not the case of Aurier ”he hammered on the antennas of Channel La 3.

In the history of Ivorian football, African even worldwide, several athletes without a club have once been selected. This is not the first time that a player without a club has been chosen by the coach for an official match. There is no doubt that Patrice Baumelle will clarify the reasons for the choice of Serge Aurier. But already, remember that the right side will not be the first player to be selected for the national team when he has no club. In the recent past, Ivorian internationals without a club but in good physical, technical and moral condition had meetings in which they were decisive.

Rodolphe Claver DOHO (Intern)


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