Sekou Doumbouya traded, huge blow for the French!

While he landed in Brooklyn just a few weeks ago, Sekou Doumbouya failed to convince his new team. The French has just been traded this Tuesday evening, and the rest does not promise to be glorious either.

After two rather complicated campaigns with the Pistons, Sekou Doumbouya was sent to the Nets. A financial move for the franchise, which decided to keep the French until further notice. He remains a youngster with potential, and the staff therefore wanted to see him at work for the preseason. And we can say that it started well.

On Monday night, the Inside debuted with the Nets. Results ? An interesting and perfect first out of the bench. We thought that if he continued like this, then he would probably have his chance for the last place on the roster in Brooklyn. Unfortunately, the reality is different.

Sekou Doumbouya still involved in a trade

For the French, the adventure of the Nets is already over. Shams Charania confirmed the information on Tuesday evening, the person has just been traded to the Rockets for another player. Still a financial move for Brooklyn, which will save a few million for this season.

The Nets trade Sekou Doumbouya and a second round to the Rockets.

Houston is not a bad destination for Sekou. The Texas franchise is under reconstruction, except… that it has not decided to keep the Frenchie. He will be cut in the process, finding himself as a free agent:

The Rockets will cut Sekou Doumbouya

Will Sekou Doumbouya find a place in the NBA? Not obvious when the pre-season has just started. He could decide to wait, or possibly return to Europe. Everything will depend on the phone calls in the days to come.

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