Seiya Suzuki confirms plans to play in MLB in 2022


Over the past few days, there have been rumors that Japan star Seiya Suzuki is keen to stay home for 2022. Whether it’s due to the pandemic or the work stoppage, the The rumor going around was this: don’t take his arrival in the United States for granted. Or in Toronto.

But this file was addressed by the principal concerned in an interview carried out by The Athletic and the observation we see is the following: the guy wants to play in the MLB in 2022.

Obviously, it is still early to know what training we are talking about. The rumors are on the Boston side (that’s my prediction, by the way), but the main party refuses to come forward.

With reason.

But the doors are open for those who do not have a preference for a club based on their league or their geographical position.

He will chat with his wife to see where the couple will be best installed and that will, in the end, make the difference. That, the organization… and the food of the city in question are important aspects.

These are all aspects that will be looked at by the outfielder and these are aspects that I myself will follow to get a good idea of ​​the file.

Why? Because the guy is good. He is unknown because he played in Japan, but the hype is there for a reason: he has the potential to make a difference and have a great bat in major league baseball.

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