Sega Diallo, vice-president of the Guinean Federation: « The CAN will take place »

Sega Diallo, recently appointed vice-president of the Guinean Football Federation, is actively preparing the CAN (from January 9 to February 6, 2022), where his country will be present. He points to the methods of certain clubs which put pressure on African leaders.

« What do you think of the pressure put by the clubs, in particular English via the ECA, on the CAN?
These European clubs show a certain amateurism and a lot of contempt for the continent. And they discredit themselves when we see the evolution of the disease in the world.

« Africa is doing much better than Europe in the face of this pandemic »

What is the current situation in Africa?
It has almost stabilized here, even in some southern countries which had had an upsurge. She is under control today. Africa is doing much better than Europe in the face of this pandemic. They are not asking for the cancellation of competitions in Europe but are they doing it elsewhere? You have to show respect and good judgment. It’s a period of pressure, there are some who want to insinuate doubt but don’t worry, this CAN will be one of the most beautiful, if not the most beautiful, in a real football country. It will be a party.

And the rumors of a possible cancellation of the competition?
I am fortunate to have recently taken office and had yesterday (Monday), via videoconference, Veron Mosengo, the boss of African football (CAF general secretary) from Yaoundé. We took stock of the decisions of our Federation as part of the preparation for the CAN. And he’s right there to handle the final details and put everything in place for the start. There is no need to fear the holding of the CAN, it will take place. The 24 qualified will be present on the 9th to start this sublime competition. « 

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