Seattle Mariners fan sends Jesse Winker a pizza after ejection and major brawl with Los Angeles Angels

A major brawl erupted in Sunday’s Seattle Mariners-Los Angeles Angels game. So a pizza was in order.

It started in the second inning when Mariners outfielder Jesse Winker was hit by a pitch from Angels pitcher Andrew Wantz. The Angels pitcher had also thrown a pitch behind the head of Julio Rodriguez in the first inning. Winker went toward the Angels’ dugout and the tussle was on. When the dust settled, both managers and six players, including Winker and Wantz, were ejected. Angels closer Raisel Iglesias even threw a large container of sunflower seeds and gum onto the infield.

So, a tough day at the park.

But one Seattle fan, named Sofie on Twitter, had a plan to pick up the ejected and dejected Winker. She decided to order a pizza and have it delivered to the clubhouse.

Using the DoorDash food delivery app, Sofie ordered from Mountain Mike’s, a West Coast pizza chain. It was to be delivered to 2000 E. Gene Autry Way in Anaheim, California. That’s the address for Angel Stadium. She even added instructions for the delivery person. « For the clubhouse visitors, pizza is for Jesse Winker. »

Sofie nervously tracked her delivery person’s quest to get the pepperoni pie to Winker. When it arrived, she had Mariners fans help her give the delivery person a big tip.

With pizza presumably in hand, Winker thanked Sofie and the Mariners gave her a shoutout as well.

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