Season over for Cam Reddish

Not really wanted by Tom Thibodeau, Cam Reddish had still managed to find his place in the Knicks’ rotation lately, but we won’t be seeing the fullback/winger again this season.

ESPN explains that the 10th choice of the 2019 Draft suffers from a « separation » of the shoulder, a stretching or tearing of the ligaments where the collarbone meets the scapula. The recovery time is about six weeks for this type of injury, and the regular season ends in a month.

Apart from a huge miracle with a qualification for the New York playoffs and a long course in the « postseason », Cam Reddish will therefore only return to the NBA floors next season.

Whether it will still be with the Knicks remains to be seen. The former Duke, where he evolved with Zion Williamson and RJ Barrett, is still in his rookie contract for the next campaign, and will not be a free agent until 2023. There is therefore a good chance that he is still to the Big Apple during the next training camp.

Cam ReddishPercentageBounces
SeasonTeamGMMinimumShots3 pointsLFOffDefEarlypdpartyIntbpCTPoints
2021-22 *All Teams492140.435.990.
2021-22 *ATL342340.237.990.
2021-22 *NYK151441.525.890.

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