Seahawks: Aldon Smith cut for bad driving

Talent to spare, but endless setbacks. Signed for a season last April by the Seahawks, Aldon Smith will not even have reached the regular season.

According to the News Tribune, it will be cut, perhaps as early as this Wednesday. In April, the player was arrested for assault. The date of his trial is set for August 24. Nothing says the Seahawks cut him for precisely that reason since they knew about it from the start. But the causes do not appear to be sporting.

Also according to the News Tribune, Smith would have violated the terms of trust set by Pete Carroll and the Seahawks at the time of his signing. The nature of the transgression remains unknown at this time.

At 31, Smith looked like he could bring something to the field, having managed 5 sacks with the Cowboys last year. Our colleagues even specify that he was in great physical shape from the start of the preparation.

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