Seafood products | The Azura group invests in the production of clams

Located in the south of Morocco in the bay of Dakhla, the Azura group, specialist in tomatoes, has launched its brand of clams Azura Atlantic, on which the company has been working and investing for three years. The young Azura Aquaculture division is 100% integrated into the Franco-Moroccan group and is made up of 120 employees. The company has invested 20 million euros in a clam hatchery, with an area of ​​2 hectares, in which the shellfish spend the first six months of their life. “It’s a colossal investment. Now that the brand is launched, we want to make ourselves known ”, underlines Nicolas Calo, communications director of Azura Atlantic on the occasion of Sirha 2021. In the hatchery, inaugurated in 2016, plankton is also cultivated to feed the clams.

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